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 Impact-Profit Acceleration System _ Guaranteed R.O.I. _ Recover, Protect, & Increase Profits


Guaranteed  Impact-Profit Acceleration 

Ed Champion, R.I.B.C.

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Impact-Profit Acceleration
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Companies utilizing our strategies and proprietary software are collectively responsible for more than $1 billion in identified additional business revenues and they work for almost any kind of business you can imagine. 

By Attending Our Live 90 Minute Masterclass You Will RecEIve:

  • ​A Personal Customized Roadmap To Recover Two Years Of Lost Business Revenue Due To The Pandemic.
  • ​Your Clear Path To Identifying and Generating Up To $50,000 or More of Additional Annual Revenue - Fast. 
  • ​Proven 80/20 Strategies To Help Position Your business for Solid and Secure Future Growth.

The Cutting Edge Profit Acceleration Software™ is like having a "magic wand" that changes a typical dull boring business plan into a supercharged plan that gets impressive business results fast.

     7 Reasons to Join My Live Impact-Profit Acceleration Masterclass

  • ​Our Covid Recovery Grant Program is being "kick started" by a private funder and is being made available to the first 25 qualified small business owners at no charge. Once the money is gone, this offer is over (until we find a new donor or sponsor).  
  • ​Our regular fee for this type of in depth business assessment and specific strategies runs between $1,000 and $6,500 depending on the work involved. You are able to get this valuable information for free as part of our new Covid Recovery Grant Program.
  • You'll get specific strategies and a custom roadmap showing you exactly what you need to do and when to do it to achieve your business goals. It's kinda like taking a dull boring business plan and putting it on steroids... to get impressive results fast.
  • ​There is no hard sell during or after your private one on one masterclass. The bill has already been paid and I will simply be asking you one question... Do you want some help with your new plan? You can choose to implement the plan yourself, or have business executive coaching and training help from my team and me. 
  • Remember, our objective during the masterclass is to find you up to $50k or more of additional annual business revenue​. 
  • ​If you further qualify, we may bring in a top New York accounting firm to go further in depth to find you even more savings and business revenue. They charge you nothing up front and take a small percentage of what they generate as compensation for their expertise.
  • ​​Did I mention theres's absolutely no charge? Its easy, just enter your best email address.

My Motivation Behind the FREE Impact-Profit Acceleration Masterclass is to Shout Out About

  • Movement: A new Indigenous movement rooted in Canada is currently unfolding in the world. Many have been invited to "play Indigenomics" and we all in 110%. 
  • ​Indigenomics: We support and encourage everyone to get involved in the emerging Indigenomics platform to help grow the $100 Billion Canadian Indigenomics economy. Information about Carol Anne Hilton and her book "Indigenomics" can be found here at the Indigenomics Institute
  • Indigenous Abundance Business Coaching: Our goal is to help Inject $2.5 Billion towards the $100 Billion emerging Indigenous economy by assisting 50,000 Indigenous business owners to each generate on average $50K of additional annual revenue.
  • Our Impact-Profit Acceleration System: What makes our team different is a combination of proven foundational business strategies, cutting edge proprietary profit acceleration software with 480 million weighted algorithms to crystallize your best path forward, all guided and supported by personalized executive coaching with a focus on promoting and implementing an Indigenous worldview woven into daily business trade.
  • Small Business Owners, Their families, and Their Communities: I am continually reminded that Marriages break up from lack of money… over lack of love (times 100). Business failures lead to destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides, and unfortunately, far more. I like to think that as good business coaches, we save marriages, save families, save kids from self-destruction… we save lives and can help build sustainable flourishing communities.
  • Case Studies: For those business owners that we select and who choose to work with us, we are motivated to provide greater care and attention to contribute to their success. Your success is our success. We want successful Indigenous business case studies to showcase to the world.
  • A ​$50,000 Impact-Profit Acceleration CHALLENGE: A select group of business owners will have the opportunity to access all the resources of an acceleration mastermind and achieve or make significant progress towards their desired results. Within 6 months... Guaranteed

In Summary... Are You Ready For More Profits In Less Time? For an Abundance of What Matters Most in Life…

Impact-Profit Acceleration System _ Guaranteed R.O.I. _ Recover, Protect, & Increase Profits
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