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Maximize Your Business Potential with A I
to Fuel Growth and Boost Your Bottom Line

The most significant business revolution in human history was set in motion in November 2022 with the launch of Generative AI - ChatGPT. Are you you ready to take full advantage of this opportunity in your business?
Many small business owners remain oblivious to the dual nature of AI - a potent threat and a game-changing opportunity for their ventures. 

Forbes reports that 300 million jobs could be lost or diminished by this fast-growing technology.

However, it's evident that businesses and jobs won't succumb to AI itself, but to those who harness AIs' potential early, outpacing their rivals.
learn how we can help you successfully navigate your business growth during this era of upheaval and transformation using AI to help increase your net profit 50% or more."

Ed Champion, RI(BC)

Business Strategy Advisor

 Impact-Profit Acceleration Guaranteed 

12 Proven Steps Unique To Your Business

You are the expert and busy working IN your business - maybe a little overwhelmed and stressed at times.

We are the experts helping you work ON your business. We take the mystery out of boring financial statements and ignite them into immediate prioritized actions that guide and leverage the right proven 80/20 business strategies to accelerate your revenue, profit, and social impact.

You will have a crystal clear plan and business advising/coaching support to know exactly what to focus on each day so that you have the results, profits, and time to do what matters most in your life . . .   

"Numbers Are The Language Of Business” - Warren Buffet
"Numbers to Right Actions is the Magic Of Business” - Ed Champion

Accelerated Business Growth Made Easier for Almost Any Business 

Stunning Proof of Value in this Profit Simulator example

1. Data was entered into The FREE online simulator:

In our example, the business owner has annual sales of $60,000 at a gross profit margin of 65% with a net profit margin at 25%. (Your increased will be different based on your numbers)

2. Online Simulator Generates Acceleration Roadmap Outline:

The simulator applied a conservative 3% adjustment in 12 key business sectors to achieve the target. If we further analyze 28 more sectors, a significantly larger profit is realized. 

3. Follow The Steps Detailed In The Acceleration  Roadmap:

Now the business owner has a clear roadmap outline for 113% accelerated business growth in their hands. They can implement a roadmap themselves, or have some help along the way. 

Accelerated Business Growth Made Easier for Almost Any Business 

PLAY VIDEO to Discover the Secrets We Use to Find You Unrecognized and Unrealized LOST Business Revenue and Profit.

Our new business acceleration system can assist almost any small business owner to generate $10,000 - $99,000 of additional annual revenue without spending extra money on advertising!

Our Consultation Call Will Reveal To You The Best
Strategies In The Best Order For YOUR BUSINESS
To Generate $10,000-$99,000 Or More . . . 


CLARITY: A Plan showing the exact path for your business to generate $10k-$100k or More of additional annual revenue without spending an extra dime on advertising. 


SYSTEM:  Capacity development and training available 24/7 so you know exactly what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done to achieve targeted additional annual revenue. 


ACTION: Results follow massive actions inspired by Executive Coaching to assist in capacity development and implementing your plan for you to BE, DO and HAVE what matters most in life... 

The proprietary software can conduct a thorough analysis in 40 business sectors on any company to determine unrealized revenue. When we apply the 80/20 rule and "staked profit compounding" method to thousands of firms from all over the world, we consistently confirm 12 business sectors that account for approximately 80% of total revenue. Focusing on these critical sectors combined with Executive Coaching ignites fast and dramatic business results. 

it'S really That simple - Guaranteed

  • ​Attend the FREE one-to-one confidential zoom Business Breakthrough Session to receive your unique custom Business Acceleration Plan while also learning and assessing how and where your business may generate $10k-$99k or more in additional annual revenue without spending any extra money on advertising.
  • ​After we've completed your Business Acceleration Plan you will have an easy choice to make;  You can choose to "do it yourself" to implement the business acceleration strategies strategies we give you . . . 
  • ​OR You can work within one of our three core programs. Micro, Group, or Mastermind. We do not use any sales pressure. I'll simply ask if you'd want some help putting your new Roadmaps' business acceleration strategies into action, or if you'd prefer to handle it on your own.
In Summary... 
Are You Ready For More Profits In Less Time?
For an Abundance of What Matters Most in Life…
Be Abundant In your Thoughts And Actions

Yes, I'd like to know how to quickly generate $10,000 to $99,000 or more of additional annual revenue into my business so that I can have the life I want for myself, family, and community.

Business Growth Made Easier For an Abundance of What Matters Most in Life...

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