3D-Printed DomeHomes 


Innovative Indigenous
Abundance Business Coaching

3D-Printed DomeHomes 


Abundance Business Coaching

To Inspire and Coach 50,000 Small Business Owners
to generate exponential wealth and impact while Also
creating flourishing 3D-printed smart villages of abundance

Canadas' First Indigenous 3D Printed
Self-Sustainable Business Innovation Centre

Coming Soon in 2023...

Since time immemorial.

Circles are a hallmark of our architectural and traditional heritage. Smart Villages Canada honours and adapts circle-based structures to provide a high quality, affordable living experience.

  • Can be Built on or Near Indigenous Communities.
  • ​​Has its own Secure FOOD Sources.
  • ​​Has it's own Energy and Water Sources.
  • ​Virtual and Augmented Reality Education Opportunities Provided.
  • ​Cutting Edge Online Direct Marketing of Products and Services Developed On Site.
  • ​​FREE Housing. 
  • ​PROFIT Sharing Program.

We Are Innovators and Entrepreneurs With A Unique Approach to Affordable Energy Efficient Housing and ABUNDANCE BUSINESS COACHING Systems - 

Guaranteed !

Ed Champion R.I.B.C.: Founder/Director and CEO

Ed is a seasoned real estate developer, serial entrepreneur, and a Former Chief of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation Government.

Chief Phil Lane Jr.: Co-Founder/Director, Visionary and Strategist

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an internationally recognized Indigenous leader in human and community development.

Greg FitzGerald: Co-Founder/Director, Technology

Greg is a social entrepreneur pioneering new technologies and business models to create positive impact.

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