3D-Printed DomeHomes 


Innovative Indigenous
Abundance Business Coaching

3D-Printed DomeHomes 


Abundance Business Coaching

We will inspire and coach thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide To accelerate their business growth and social impact while at the same time We create flourishing 3d-printed smart villages of abundance

Canadas' First Indigenous 3D Printed
Self-Sustainable Wellness and Trade Centre

Coming Soon in 2023...

Since time immemorial.

Circles are a hallmark of our architectural and traditional heritage. Smart Villages Canada honours and adapts circle-based structures to provide a high quality, affordable living experience.

  • Can be Built on or Near Indigenous Communities.
  • ​​Has its own Secure Food, Water and Energy Sources.
  • ​Virtual and Augmented Reality Education Opportunities Provided.
  • ​Cutting Edge Online Direct Marketing To Support Trade of Products and Services Developed On Site.
  • ​​FREE Housing and Profit Sharing. 
  • ​Traditional foods and medicines supporting integrated wellness, in body, mind, spirit, and sum of all relationships within nature.

Sponsored By The Elder Hood

We Are Innovators and Entrepreneurs With A Unique Approach to Affordable Energy Efficient Housing and ABUNDANCE BUSINESS COACHING Systems - 

Guaranteed !

Ed Champion R.I.B.C.: Founder/Director and CEO

Ed is a seasoned real estate developer, serial entrepreneur, and a Former Chief of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation Government.

Chief Phil Lane Jr.: Co-Founder/Director, Visionary and Strategist

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an internationally recognized Indigenous leader in human and community development.

Greg FitzGerald: Co-Founder/Director, Technology

Greg is a social entrepreneur pioneering new technologies and business models to create positive impact.

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